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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

The 2010 Shakespearean who walked in the Parade

I would like to offer a warm and heartfelt thank you to all of you who have worked so hard on both the parade and the performance schedule which took place on the Fifth of July this year.  This was our first attempt to make a presentation in the midst of all the events going on around Southampton Days and our performances at the stage made a nice presentation considering the how much was going on all morning long and the number of details that needed to be tended to.

We had 10 folks walking in the parade along with a horse and wagon. It became clear that the horse and wagon is a very important part of what we do in the parade, because it gives us an anchor point to work around and it gives us a way for folks to take a rest from walking.

We had Robin Hood, Little John, Maid Marion, The Sheriff of Nottingham and two of his henchmen, Ladies Elizabeth & Justine, and our wagoneers which included our Queen from last year and one of the bandits from Sherwood forest.

I want to especially thank Lisa Kuffs for her fantastic costume which was gorgeous and had amazing bead work, all done by her own hand.  If anyone out there wants to have costumes made, you might talk to her about that. She does excellent work.

I was surprised to find that the general invitation for Renaissance Folk in the area to join us in the parade did not produce results.  As a thespian, I can ask the question "Where else in this area can you have an audience of ten thousand in on day".  I'm sorry more folks did not choose to join us.  We all had a lot of fun.

We all want to give a special thanks to Bucks County Carriages of Solebury for being willing to come down to be in the parade, even though our fund raising for the parade got off to a slow start this year.

I would also like to thank Southampton residents Mike & Cindy Lally for their excellent work on painting the drops for this years presentation. They look marvelous and added a great dimension to the stage. The feeling back stage was so much more energetic because the drops made the stage feel more professional.

I can't forget to mention anther couple of Southampton residents Gary & Lise (our Lady Elizabeth) for their hard work in helping to prepare the stage for both the "Cinema Under the Stars " and the afternoon performances on the fifth. I'm sorry I forgot to entice Lise onto the stage to do some reading in Spontaneous Shakespeare. (a program that needs to be managed differently to make it more effective)

It is very important that we have residents of Southampton  helping us to set-up and operate these programs, not the least of which is because I do not want to burn people out with seeing me doing all the introductions onstage.  I tend to forget important details and ramble on (as evidenced by the video tape of the performance.  On that vein please refer to the Performance Review posting.

Thanks again to all of you who have participated, in costume, backstage and our sponsors who have helped us greatly with the burden of expense... and also to the folks who came to the performance and  contributed generously to show their appreciation.  AG


  1. You guys looked fantastic- I'm glad it went off well. I hate having a day job, it would have been nice to have been a woman bandit or something with you all.
    Maybe next year.
    Talk to you soon.

  2. I was sorry to bail early, but the heat and the exhaustion of marching in the parede did me in. Food, blankets to sit on and shade sound like a good idea for next year!

    I wonder if it would have made more sense if the flyers we handed out had advertised a show that would take place the following week? Maybe that would give potential audience members who already have other plans with family or friends for the 4th of July a little more warning so they could plan to go see the show?

    Also, I think you'd be safe to tell the food vendors for next year that you're expecting around 20-30 people. Or maybe you could skip them and advertise the event as pot-luck, so everyone knows to bring something?

    All in all, not a bad effort!


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