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Unless otherwise specified there is no rain date.

Sunday, February 26, 2017

Just touching base

Well, The Meadow Amphitheatre was removed from Tamenend Park a number of years ago. That resulted in Shakespearean activity coming to a close. I feel that is a temporary condition. I have been intent on rebuilding the stage as a portable unit. The reason behind that is that we will then be able to move a production to whatever location we see fit. Now to do this requires a significant effort and cost. Part of achieving the portability of the stage also includes either a trailer or the completion of my portable workshop. You can go to where you may find a post on that subject.

I may continue to post here, because I do hope we can rebuilt an effort to establish a troupe. If you are interested my email is


Saturday, December 13, 2014

A Special Thanks

I am impressed by the number of hits this page has been getting. Sadly, when we needed it most we had a hard time getting involvement in our programs at Tamanend Park.  After four years of effort I decided to close down the stage at the park. But have no fear, I do plan on rebuilding the stage and making a portable stage, which we can move to whichever park we care to.  For now I am busy with a new musical titled The Gnomes of New Hope: Zach & Zebby's Grand Adventure.  There has been some Shakespearean activity with BACT in Bryn Athyn and I am thinking that we might make another go at it in the future, possibly down there or out of my studio and into an assortment of parks in the region. For now, however, our buddy the bard will be waiting in the wings.

Thanks for your interest in this page. I do hope I can get back to it at another time. In the mean while, keep your interest up and if anyone wants to produce something, do let me know. Because after all the producer is the most important role to get the ball rolling. AG

Friday, December 6, 2013

An Update

I am surprised to see that there has been an increase of activity on this blog site for
The Shakespearean Journal

Sadly, I have not been focusing much energy on Shakespearean activity 
for the last two years.

After a sequence of events, I shifted over to Colonial Reenactments,
which , in fact, I've also stopped doing. However...

Here are some photograph of the stage we built in Tamanend Park 
and some of the activity that took place.

The initial stage set-up, later we added painted drops
to make it look like a stone building.

The backstage area
The stage was disassembled in 2012 due, in part to Vandalism. Here's a view of the back stage area.  I was planning on building an acting platform overhead if the stage were to become more of a permanent fixture in the park, which is something were were striving for. The next stage of operations would have been to replace the stage with another one made of stone.

We were beginning to see decay and insect infestation. I made an attempt to initiate reconstruction of the stage from stone, but again the vandal issue was such a problem for us, the township and the police that it was mutually decided that we should remove the stage.

The final blow from the vandals

 But it does get down to the fact that - the vandals in the park became too much for me and I was getting pretty angry about it.  We were all working hard to put together a nice program, but there were other  individuals with less desirable character, who somehow chose to spend their energy on destroying what we were trying to build.

The Renaissance Players
We built the stage as a test. It was a test to see if the community would step up and support this kind of creative endeavor in Southampton. I, and others, worked very hard for four years to generate interest and support for these activities. Well the interest began to grow, but the support, in terms of both money and hands-on activity, simply wasn't there.

We produced Cinema Under the Stars as a means to enhance the stage activity, but although we had an amazing set-up, which was very cozy, fun and not inexpensive to build, not enough people were willing to spend and evening under the stars to watch a movie.  It was like a "walk-in" (as opposed to a drive-in).  I found myself delighted by it, until it started costing me too much.

The stage with the screen up and ready to show movies,
 the speaker system was placed on the ends of the stage
An early set-up, later we had it more refined with a very nice array of concessions and excellent lighting

We did stage programs before it got dark enough for the movie and we did have quite a few people join us on the stage at various times. All in all, it was a wonderful opportunity for the community, but they simply did not respond sufficiently and were too busy running their kids off to sporting events to bother with what we were offering them. That became very apparent.

So the vandals made it even more difficult, but the final straw (for me) was when we were producing a Gilbert & Sullivan event in conjunction with "Topsy Turvy" and we got rained out three times.  You can see that listed below. That was it for me. I said no more outdoor theatre without an indoor back-up location. Unfortunately, in Southampton all the possible locations were being used by sporting events. There was no suitable accommodation in Southampton for theatre. (even though , as I say below, there is an amphitheater (although I have a different opinion about that space.).

So this is my touching base with those of you who have been looking at The Shakespearean Journal and I thank you for your interest. There are possibilities in the future, but for me I am busy with producing a Broadway Musical titled The Gnomes of New Hope: Zach & Zebby's Grand Adventure. You can also find more on that at The IMS Virtual Studio.

Monday, February 25, 2013

Difficulties posting

   I find that my operating system is no longer supported in FireFox and posting on these blogs is becoming increasingly difficult. I do hope to update as soon as I can, so keep that in mind and please do not become frustrated with the outdated information. If you'd like to discuss any of the information here, please do so via email.  Thanks AG

UPDATE 3/2013

   I noticed a spike in views to this page, so I thought I'd post something more current.

  Not much to report with the Shakespearean activity.  

  As mentioned elsewhere, the stage has been removed from Tamanend Park, thus putting an end to our activities there. I do have intentions of rebuilding the stage and pursuing outdoor production work again in the future, but if there is one thing I have learned form the four years we spent trying to develop a troupe of players... the weather can be an issue, a big issue!

    I've also come to conclude that there must be a network of people with a strong dedication to making it work.  I and a few others made the mistake of taking up the bulk of the slack without insisting that the burden be shared and that was simply too much.

   So I have focused my energies on building my studio, repairing my equipment, and producing the project "The Gnomes of New Hope: Zach & Zebby's Grand Adventure". I see the success of this project as being able to provide the resources to do the classical work and properly develop the Shakespearean Activity in the proper environment.

   As for Tamanend Park and Southampton... I believe that the community is simply not willing to offer the kind of support that makes the effort worthwhile. That might change at some point, because there was a good amount of talk about support, but the actual kind of support that makes an endeavor take hold and endure, was simply not there.

    I have to admit that the proverbial "nail in the coffin" for me was the ongoing battle with vandals. I simply got tired of repairing the senseless damage that they seemed to enjoy inflicting upon the stage. I also found myself rather irritated by the dog walkers who left their dog crap all over the place and they even went so far as to leave bags of it, piles of it, behind the concession counter.

  So I figured "if that's the way they want to treat this gift to the community, then they don't deserve my labor" so I stopped throwing my pearls before the swine, as he teaches in the bible.

    For those of you who are still interested in doing Shakespeare, so am I.  I have equipment, ability and knowledge. If you would like to produce something, we can do that, so long as we have a minimum of three producers willing to hit the bricks, raise money and pull together a team. 

   Feel free to communicate with me about that, but remember, my priority is The Gnomes of New Hope.


Tuesday, June 26, 2012

The End of this Stage (of operations)

Well, as if doing Shakespeare isn't hard enough, it's even harder without a stage to perform on.

Please go to The Meadow Amphitheatre's home page to see the latest images of the stage in Tamanend Park.

It is sad to say that the stage in The Meadow Amphitheatre is gone. We demolished the stage last weekend due, in large part, to the destruction and increasing problem with vandals.  I made the determination that I was no longer willing to keep repairing the stage, not only from volitional damage done by vandals, but also from the effects of entropy.  The Township and the Park Board also determined that they were no longer willing to endure the liability of the miscreants who have been wandering the park and making the stage their hang-out, so activities in the Meadow Amphitheatre are suspended until further notice.

There have been quite a few people who have expressed their distress over this situation and we thank you for your thoughts.

My next approach to the stage is that I pan to rebuild the stage as a more durable, portable stage of the exact same configuration, only using an improved design of my own making. This portable stage will be an accessory to the workshop truck that I am building, so that we will have not only a stage that can be easily set-up anywhere (and taken down to avert such damage as we have seen by vandals), but we will also have the workshop truck to work off of and connect to the stage to supply power and storage of supplies on location.  The RV that we have been using to support the concessions is being rejuvenated and restored for this purpose as well. 

 An older shot of the 1962 International CO 1600 Loadstar. 
The dumping stake-bed is being turned into a barn 
and the truck has a crane arm for lifting sets, air compressor,
welding, generator and pressurized water.

I also have a 35' house trailer which could also be put on location and used for production activities. It is a 1944 Star Trailerized Home, a real museum piece. I had been restoring it when it went into storage and although it will need work, it would serve well as a location office. The CO1600 was being built to pull it.

 Here's a shot of the trailer when I had it set-up as a writing retreat.
It's been in a storage yard since 2003

So although this era in The Shakespeareans of Tamanend Park has ended for the time being, I am very excited about the new approach to this effort and invite all the Shakespeareans who have been involved to stay in touch and offer their assistance with this new and reborn effort to expand our capabilities.

A note here is that- I am also proceeding with my plans to build a parade float truck and I may look at combining this with the reconstruction of the stage we used in The Meadow Amphitheatre. The stage platforms of which I speak will, also and more importantly, be constructed primarily as a rental stage and be applied to the set needs of "The Gnomes of New Hope".

I invite persons who have an interest in these things to communicate and participate. 

In addition, we anticipate pursuing puppetry for "The Gnomes of New Hope" and it might be interesting to consider doing some Shakespeare with puppets.  AG

Monday, November 14, 2011

The future of productions at The Meadow Amphitheatre

We have have a number of years of presenting theatre & film at the park, 
some with a good audience some without.   

  • Cinema Under the Stars has not had the kind of response that justifies continuing the effort. At most we have had 28 people attend a showing. Often we have had less than 10 and I have shown more than one film for one person. As much as I want to believe that this will improve with time, and I do believe this, I cannot bear the cost of presenting these films any longer.  We have had a few sponsors who have assisted, but not near enough. If you care to be a sponsor and assist in continuing this program and the associated publicity then please do let me know.  The policy now is that no film will be shown unless it is paid for well in advance of the show date. Details will be posted on the Cinema Under the Stars web site.
  • The Shakespeareans of Tamanend Park continue to be more theoretical than actual. There are a number of regular performers, technicians and patrons who are quite interested and available to participate in projects that we present, but I have found it quite difficult to obtain sufficient commitment from enough people on a consistent basis. This is something that required, not only to produce results, but to do so without a great deal of effort and uncertainty. So it is that future productions will depend on more producers who are willing to take up the yoke and join the effort.
  • (I have been building on this since 2008 and I am feeling very tired and unenthusiastic right now.  This is a very lot of work and it has been so without due compensation for me. In fact, I have paid out a phenomenal amount of money and time, which I am no longer willing to do. So if you Shakespeareans out there want this to continue, then you need to step up to the plate, join the effort and show your commitment. I may get enthused again, who knows?)
  • Other productions at The Meadow Amphitheatre are something that I encourage producers to consider. The stage and facilities are developing and I will be focusing my attention of refining the stage for the future of it's stability in the park.  My goal is to rebuild the stage out of stone, so that it is maintenance free. The supplies that we presently have, are available to other productions for their use at the stage.  If more projects come into the stage we will continue to develop the resources for the stage, however the stage will be entering into a more commercial operation to ensure it's long term sustainability, so use of the stage will involve a cost to the producer. This is negotiable however. I will continue to address these issues in future posting.

Film production in Tamanend Park

We are very pleased to report that the stage at Tamanend Park was used as a shooting location for this surprisingly well crafted short film by a local filmmaker Thomas Lynskey.  We showed this film to very good response last July 4th weekend at Cinema Under the Stars.

Other films have been shooting in the park and if we are provided with information and/or links we will post those as well.

We have considered producing a film festival at the park and are continuing dialogue to that effect.

Saturday, October 1, 2011


Well, here we are again!

We have to cancel.  

I am very bummed but the conditions at the park and the anticipated rains make it foolish to proceed.

Here is a severe example of what we are dealing with, The other stage has it's issues also.

 So this effect is translated to the trails and the remainder of the field also. Any further rain, although it may be tolerable in terms of getting rained on, would be disastrous to the enjoyment of all involved. So we will plan another attempt after we consider our options.  Below are further thoughts that I emailed out to our members, participants, and interested parties.

I will be working to produce this at an indoor venue.  The season is over at the park.  Although we might be able to find another date, I am not available for the next few weeks and by then it will be too cold.  So, I will keep you informed about what I am able to come up with for a venue and a likely time. I am thinking that if we can combine an event with a preparatory gathering for "Pirates... "  that might be the best approach. I cannot see anything happening until January or February, what with the holidays, but if the venue I have in mind fits in sooner then I will take a poll and see who might like to do something.

We have a program, we did publicity work, we have a group ready and willing to do something; maybe we should insert that program into the "Cabaret" time slot and/or enhance the program somewhat.  Either the Cabaret time-slot or sometime just before Thanksgiving might be worth considering.  After Thanksgiving is just too busy for everyone.

  I can continue to look into Pendelton Hall and if you have another venue, then we can transpose this effort there, whatever seems to work.


  Sorry everybody, the weather has not been cooperative.  Let me know what you all think.