Welcome to the site for The Shakespeareans of Tamanend Park.

Please refer to the posting "Introduction" below
and examine the end of the page for maps
and details about special events,
such as the parade
or other events
that may occur remotely
from the stage
at the Park.

Cinema Under the Stars is left at the top of the page because the films, which are intended to be shown on alternating weekends, require frequent updating.

The show-times are approximate
because of the changing sunset time and go up when it is dark enough.

You are advised to arrive early to choose a good spot in the field. We have concession items available and in the future may have blankets available for rental.

Be sure to bring insect repellent, although we do use citronella to cut back on mosquitoes, you will need to protect yourself.

Refer to the IMS Virtual Studio for a countdown to the current film showing.

In the Event of Rain;

Live Performances at the stage are canceled if the sky is not clear and the ground dry by 1:00 p.m. with no forecast of rain for the remainder of the day.

For Cinema Under the Stars the ground must be dry by 5:00 p.m. and no forecast for rain that evening.

Unless otherwise specified there is no rain date.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Gathering Times at the stage

All live performance events at 
The Meadow Amphitheatre
in Tamanend Park, 
both work sessions and performance times,
unless otherwise noted,
take place between
2:00 - 4:00 p.m.
on Saturdays & Sundays

In the instance of an
Impromptu Performance
such as is expected to be the case
this weekend
October 2nd & 3rd
the gathering time begins at 2:00 p.m.
with a 
taking place at 3:00 p.m.

Because of the Impromptu nature of the Performance;

Call is 1:00 p.m. for performers* to sign-in
giving time for rehearsal.

*Those who have not previously performed  on
The Meadow Amphitheatre stage
have not committed to being in
the offered performance,
will not be guaranteed stage-time
in the performance, if they arrive after 2:00 p,m.

Performers are welcome to arrive and use the stage at any time.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

PRESS RELEASE: October Performances

The October Performance Schedule
at Tamanend Park's
Meadow Amphitheatre
Since the first weekend October has been identified as a Performance Weekend,  the stage will be set for a rather impromptu performances for both days this weekend in Tamanend Park.
Actors and musicians have been encouraged for the past year to prepare material for this time-slot and so the stage will be prepared in expectation that some people will like to perform.
Although no specific program has been prepared this year, due in large part to the work of building "Cinema Under the Stars"... remaining consistent in creating this Fall time-slot is most important.  With the goal of creating "Autumn Leaves : Performance Festival"  we offer the stage freely to those who would like to perform.
The invitation is extended to local performance groups who may like to present a sampling of the work they are doing and to promote their shows, as well as individual actors,  musicians & singers who are able and willing to walk-the-boards.
"Spontaneous Shakespeare" & "Scenes & Music" are the standard programs for The Shakespeareans of Tamanend Park and will be the guideposts for presenting. However, other carefully planned presentations are welcomed.
We strive to maintain some degree of order & professionalism, so improvisational, unscripted performances are encouraged only in an environmental setting surrounding the stage.  We want to reserve the stage for presentations that are clearly theatrical and not chaotic.
The objective has been to encourage area actors, musicians, singers and others, to take advantage of the stage in Tamanend Park...  and for people who want this activity to remain an option to them and the community,  to assist in making this and other events at the stage, a reality, by either performing, helping to manage the activities, or observing as an audience member.
Contributions are accepted for all activities at The Meadow Amphitheatre.  which are presented free to the public.

Weekend Performances before the film

I just realized that we have the stage set every other weekend for the "Cinema Under the Stars", so... if anyone want the opportunity to perform before the film, we do that every other week. Actors & musicians, acoustic music only and we can do "Spontaneous Shakespeare" or any other type of live entertainment... comedians, jugglers, clowns, dog & pony acts... a regular vaudeville scenario! Let me know if you are interested. AG

Autumn Leaves: Performance Festival


The Fall performance time-slot, coined "Autumn Leaves Performance Festival"  in anticipation of future growth, has been identified as the last weekend in September and the First Weekend in October. Depending on the weather it may be appropriate to move it forward to eliminate the September dates.  The reason being that other events are occurring in close proximity.  The theory was that it would be easy to remember the change from September to October as the time for performances.  Also the shift to Halloween occurs in October so that needs to come into consideration.

I received a number of inquiries about the performance schedule for this fall, some from performers and some from audience. I had to report that a program this fall was not promoted. Simply because I have not received commitments from the performers. I explored presentation of six different programs for this fall time-slot and was unable to obtain commitments from the performers and/or performance groups. Had half of these groups been willing to commit to the dates, then we would have had a nice program.

I did convey that I would promote a performance for the upcoming weekend if I received commitments, but so far none have arrived. (it is now Tuesday) I will however be setting the stage this weekend in the event that performers & audience do arrive prepared to present and observe.  At the least I will give a Flute concert and read some lines myself.  Or if need be we will work on the sets. If we are fortunate, others will show up. and we will present.

I have to say that economics play a huge role in this, for if I had been able to raise sufficient funds, then we would have had a definite program of some sort to promote, by paying for the performers.  But this cannot happen without sufficient sponsorship, because although some people do contribute when asked to, during the performances, most people do not contribute.  That is clear from the income of "Cinema Under the Stars" as well as other performances that have taken place this year.  So fund-raising has to be increased, if next year is to prove fruitful in terms of presentations.

This year for the September dates;

 Saturday, Sept 25th we showed Kenneth Branagh's "Hamlet" at the Southampton Library attendance was less than satisfactory. Considerably less than satisfactory.  Clearly, a film showing on a beautiful Saturday afternoon in the fall is not a good idea. However, the space in the Southampton Community Room is well suited for film presentations, and the Library does do this every Friday Night, so I recommend attending a film showing there, if you would like to have a fun night at the movies.  We show a different type of film with "Cinema Under the Stars" outside in Tamanend Park every two weeks. I am striving for the cinema at the Park to be centered around theatre oriented films.  We are also thinking about a film festival, so keep an eye out for that.

Sunday Sept 26th was eliminated because, luckily (for me) it rained, but frankly I was too tired to push forward with it and did not have enough of a program planned.  The work on building "Cinema Under the Stars" had me focused more on succeeding with a full season of films than on planning a performance for the fall. I was counting on more actors & musicians to step up to the plate.

Saturday October 2nd & 3rd will have the stage set in the morning with anticipation that performers will be available. This will be the litmus test as to whether or not performers will show up on their own for a performance date. I rather doubt it, because I have not seen people willing to come to the Saturday & Sunday work sessions every weekend. Many people have come by the stage, some actors or aspiring actors, but few have come prepared to run lines and get serious about acting. So I have my doubts about performers with prepared material.  We will do "Spontaneous Shakespeare" as that is the easiest emergency performance program.  In terms of music, there are a few performers who can respond to the moment and if we are lucky they will be in attendance. If you are one of those performers come over Saturday or Sunday ready to rock, whether we have an audience or not it's a test of what we as performers can do together.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Kenneth Branagh's " Hamlet"

Here is a link to 
information about the showing at 
The Southampton Library 
Saturday Afternoon
the 25th of September
 1- 5 pm

" Hamlet "

"Spontaneous Shakespeare"
from 12 - 1 pm
for those who come early.

Monday, September 20, 2010

A Performance Review

presented on July 5th after 
the Southampton Days Parade

Michael Dutka

Photos by Mike Lally

This is not a critical review of the performance of "Midsummer",  rather it is an analysis of how the overall presentation at the stage went.

Food Services;

First, let me apologize to our audience for the fact that the food service vendor Fat Jack's did not show up.  This is the second time that has happened with them and it will be the last.  Not only did this disappoint the participants in the parade, who were intended to have a voucher to feed them after the parade, but also a number of people took the time and trouble to come back to the stage only to find that there was no food service and so they left. We lost at least half our audience because there was no food for them to picnic with.  In addition, our presentation schedule was effected and a lot of money was spent promoting the event with their name on the flyers and in the papers.  Thumbs down to Fat Jack's.

I will be working harder for us to secure the ability to provide this service using a dependable vendor . While I was working to gather sponsorship,  other food services in Southampton have expressed a desire to participate in what we are doing.  So, I will be designing a competitive program for the right to provide these services, one which will involve a written contract and a fee which will assure that the food service vendor shows up. Otherwise we will provide the food services ourselves.

We will also be certain to include vegetarian menu items, as a number of people do not choose to eat meat.

Performance times;

The performances at the stage were set for 1-5 pm and this rather arbitrary time reference was contingent upon the BBQ being available for people to picnic while sufficient audience gathered.  Obviously without the food services, this plan faltered completely

The other factor, which I thought might occur, but was uncertain how severe it might be, was the intensity of the sun in the afternoon.  It was brutally hot onstage. A few of the performers were quite unhappy about that. So this leads me to say that the performances during the summer months should take place no sooner than 4:00 pm.  At this time of day the field is entirely in shade and the stage is in sunlight, but only for another half an hour to forty-five minutes and the sun is less intense.

Having the field in sunlight, few people chose to sit in the sun and so the audience ends up placed farther away from the stage, making it more difficult to hear and making the performance less intimate.  So this is an issue that needs to be addressed.


As it turns out, I am the one who did the introductions onstage this time around.  I don't think this is the best thing to be doing.  I was exhausted from the parade and I tend to ramble on too long discussing issues of the developing programs and sponsorship.  I think we need to have a very definite plan for the preludes to the shows, which eliminate too much talk on stage and we need an MC who is not me, especially if I am going to perform in the show.

Technical issues;

I expect to be creating a manual which outlines the procedures we need to implement to set-up and operate performances in the Meadow Amphitheatre, because the details are too much for any one person to effectively manage.  That will be published both here and in the hard copy of The Shakespearean Journal.

From this last show it has become clear that we need a sound person who can be certain to play the interlude music and assure that the levels are set and left unaltered.  During this show, we had excellent interlude music, but it was not implemented, because it was on me to do it and I was simply too overwhelmed to make sure that it happened. It would have made for a more pleasant viewing experience if this music were used.

We also need a videographer to capture both the parade and the performances.

It is clear that the sound system cannot be backstage unless it is attended by a sound man.  I think we will be creating the ability for the control booth to be behind the concession stand and we have determined that we will wire the stage and bury the speaker lines.

We also need a house manager who can tend to the concessions stand, making sure the information is out, is there to answer questions and can tend to the beverages and snacks we will provide.  Also, details like the interlude music and tending to the audience's needs, as in blankets.

On that subject, I think we will rent blankets to people if they did not bring their own. We had talked about chairs, but blankets are easier.

Onstage Program;

If there is one thing that was blaring at me after briefly scanning the video-tape of the performance - it is that there was too much dead time onstage.  The programs need to be presented in such a way as to keep the pace up and that means that we need to have a stage manager who can see to that.

The concept for "Spontaneous Shakespeare" was not implemented well.  It is not possible to be so spontaneous when the audience is waiting to see the next bit.  That means that we need to plan out the scenes which will be read and we need a director who can oversee the onstage activities with this program.

Our fencing demonstrations went well and we are very appreciative of the folks who came over. Our swordsman was  'Bran ap Rees and his son' They presented a fascinating demonstration of fencing techniques and showed how it works in competition.  It was a wonderful addition to the program... Thank you Bran. I hope we can do more of this in the future.

The Audience;

Those folks who came over to the performances (and stayed) seemed to be very happy they did and were very enthusiastic about having this "Shakespeare in the Park" in the area. One comment, was that of surprise, that there was not a huge crowd there for this event. Another couple made the journey over from Morrisville just for the event.  I couldn't help myself and I had to give the gentleman a hug for doing so.  I think I surprised him, but I was so happy to hear that he came all the way over there just for our event.

There are things we need to do to make the experience more pleasant and more professional for the audience, but we took a casual approach to the staging and relating to the audience which seemed to work fine for the event.


Presenting this new Musical Opera in the park went well. It was the first try, so some things were not as together as they could have been, but overall it was pretty good.  If we are to continue with the show and present the next installment, then the performance times will be at a cooler time of the day and closer to evening.  We will refine out interludes between scenes so there is not dead space on the stage and we will need to fill-in with other planned scenes,  music, or other form of entertainment.  A later performance time will allow the audience to sit closer to the stage, which will help. 

The sound in the Amphitheatre is pretty good and the performers did a bang-up job of conveying their art.  I was backstage for much of it, so I was unable to properly analyze how it was conveyed to the audience.

Here's some thoughts from the composer/director;
Folks, just wanted to thank you all for all your hard work and tell you all how well you did yesterday. Sorry we didn't have a few more folks to enjoy the experience - their loss, but for me, it was a total delight to sit back in that little green room (grove), and listen to you all.

Thanks again and best,


Documenting the Performance with Video;

The video camera battery died somewhere into the performance, but thankfully it captured the entire performance and died just as we were exiting the stage.  I do know that I need to look at putting microphones in place, for the video cameras, and I have shotgun mics for that purpose.  Of course, the issue is feedback from the PA if those mics are to be used for vocal support, but just for the video that would not be an issue.


All in all, I think we are on our way to developing a nice performance time slot after the parade.  I do think that by making the performance later in the day, it will be easier on the performers, allow more time to prepare  the presentation, and allow the parade goers to have more time to recover from a morning out in the sun.  I do not think we have to worry too much about competing forces with the carnival because the folks who come by to see us are more inclined toward this type of entertainment.  If we plan out event to coincide with folks leaving our show and going over to see the fireworks, then I think we will have hit on a good workable formula.

This being the first attempt to present on the Forth of July weekend, I think we all did an admirable job that everybody should be proud of.  Thank you all.  AG

Spontaneous Shakespeare

We will do some 
Spontaneous Shakespeare 
before the film showing on Saturday.  

Bring your Hamlet script if you have one, 
otherwise we'll have some to use.

Just a few scenes.

Nunc Licet Readings

Arthur Greisiger 
is conducting readings of his stage play 

"Nunc Licet"
a play about Emanuel Swedenborg

at the Tamanend Park Stage
The Meadow Amphitheatre
beginning this 
Sunday September 26th from 2-4 pm 
(the regular time for Shakespearean activity) 

Work will continue on Sunday afternoons 
with the goal of making a presentation
for the World Assembly in June of 2011.  

We need to have people willing to read 
and others who are willing to assist in planning 
and gathering resources for the Assembly presentation. 

The immediate goal is to present in Pendelton Hall
on the campus of Bryn Athyn College,

beyond that, there hope to produce a film version.

Contact Arthur at 215-322-1566, or  

For further information about "Nunc Licet"
or to read a synopsis-
go to

We need to finance this production and invite individuals willing to assist with this.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Robin Hood


This year's theme for the Southampton Days Parade was "Robin Hood"  (next year's may be The Knights Templar)

Part of the reason for the theme of Robin Hood is that we are endeavoring to produce a musical based on Robin Hood. We have two plays, one from the Junior's Program which was produced in the 1940's and another operetta that was written in 1884.

We are currently reviewing the material and developing a Production Approach Summary for each of these projects. Look for that information to show up on the IMS Virtual Studio.

The Junior's Program is proposed to take place during this Christmas Season if it proves to be possible. It is oriented toward adult performers as the principles with kids joining in the performance. We are hoping to involve the school system as well as community sponsors.

So if anyone is interested in helping out with this program, please send me an email at - Arthur Greisiger: and have yourself put on the mailing list for this project. Keep watch here for a link to the PAS when it is assembled.  AG


Spontaneous Shakespeare


For those of you who love to read and act Shakespeare, "Spontaneous Shakespeare" is an opportunity to get some more time in on expressing yourself. 

For those of you who have always been a closet Shakespearean, you know, wishing you could get into Shakespeare, but not quite knowing how or when, then here's your chance.

"Spontaneous Shakespeare" as a concept is not quite as spontaneous as the name implies.  We have numerous scripts available, since we are reading from the script, but the scenes that we read has to be planned out and someone needs to take charge of those scenes.  That is why we invite anyone who has a love for a particular play or sequence of scenes from a play, to take charge of directing the folks who show up and want to read.

We also ask that you bring your own scripts with you, if you have any.  Of course we have scripts, but we don't have enough copies of all the scripts and may not have enough copies of the one in which you may like to read.

Our objective is to create an environment where folks can share in the love of expressing their inner Shakespeare... or Hamlet... or Benedict... or Puck... or Moth... and on and on.

So come around any Saturday, or Sunday from 2-4pm and most particularly during our performance time-slots when we may likely have an audience.

And remember that actors are invited to walk-the-boards with us during those time-slots and are encouraged to prepare whatever Shakespearean material they see fit. We are taking a casual approach to these outdoor performances in the program "Spontaneous Shakespeare".


Tamanend Park Day


September 11th is Tamanend Park Day when a number of events are planned throughout the park. The hours are between 10 am and 3 pm.  Food services are also provided.  The event has been rained out for the last two years, but this year all looks good for a fun event.

The Shakespeareans of Tamanend Park welcome The Village Renaissance Players to the stage in The Meadow Amphitheatre.  All is set for them to present their version of "The Princess Bride" at 12:00 noon, with area actors being invited to show up and make a try at some "Spontaneous Shakespeare" after the show. (refer to the posting on "Spontaneous Shakespeare)

The Village Renaissance Players make their home at The Village Renaissance Faire in Wrightstown which takes place on the weekend of September 18th & 19th at the Grange Fairgrounds in Wrightstown PA.

The Shakespeareans of Tamanend Park have performed at the faire and most heartily recommend attendance as a joyful experience. There are many exciting events, renaissance folk of all sorts in glorous costumes, and food galore.  The main staging area provides a most enthralling sequence of events performed by experienced actors in luscious costumes which each year provide a new theme before the enjoyment of the patrons.  It is an event not to be missed.

Come to Tamanend Park Day and experience a preview of The Village Renaissance Players show which they will also be performing at the Renaissance Fair this year.  It is likely that you will also be able to win free admission to the fair as we hoping to offer a raffle, but most certainly you will be able to pick up your two-fers for the faire date.


Wednesday, August 18, 2010

August Press Release

The Latest Press Release

The Shakespeareans of Tamanend Park...  is a burgeoning  group of individuals interested in studying and performing the works of William Shakespeare in the newly created Meadow Amphitheatre, located in Southampton's Tamanend Park at 1255 Second Street Pike in Southampton, Pennsylvania.

The stage and associated programs have been developing since it's inception in 2008.

This year has brought about two new programs, which are both now taking place.

"Cinema Under the Stars" presents a selection of films, predominately Shakespearean in nature, but interspersed with classic and musical theatre oriented films. The films are shown on alternating Saturday nights at dusk. A schedule may be seen at 

Also new this year is "Shakespeare for Kids" taking place from August 17th thru the 19 with a performance by the kids on Thursday evening at the stage.   Further information on this and other programs may be found at 

Area Shakespeareans are invited to present material during the fall time-slot which is dubbed "Autumn Leaves: Performance Festival".  It is hoped that this time-slot at The Meadow Amphitheatre will grow to become a week-long festival of theatre arts.  The performances  take place on the last weekend in September and the first weekend in October.  The program remains "Scenes & Music" and any person or organization wishing to present Shakespearean material is welcomed.

This years performance time-slot is kicked off by a showing of the full text version of Kenneth Branagh's "Hamlet" at the Southampton Library on Saturday, September 25th at 1:00 pm.

The stage performances will begin on Sunday the 26th. The material to be presented is still developing. 

The Shakespeareans of Tamanend Park meets on Saturdays & Sundays from 2-4 pm at the stage in Tamanend Park.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Shakespeare for Kids;

A review of...

Shakespeare for Kids

A Summer Workshop
Conducted by Maret Genzlinger

 Maret  and Shawn Rehearse for Fall 2009 performances

A Review: 

8/22/10- A good time was had by all. It was a pleasant summer evening in the Meadow Amphitheater as the performance was presented at 7pm when the both the stage and the field were in shade.

The audience starts to arrive.
The field was freshly mowed and was very inviting to the audience.

A big thanks has to go to Ray, who works at Tamanend Park, for hauling over and setting up the field with thirty-five chairs,
which were for the most part filled by the time the show started.

The curtains on the stage were set up for the show and you can just about make out our newly painted  walls and door in the centre.

You can see the perimeter in front of the audience which designated the grassy portion of the staging area.

In the background two banners demarcate the entrance to the field.

Folding chairs seem to do a suitable job of providing seating for the audience, but for most events people are asked to bring their own lawn chairs or blankets.

The kids did an amazing and wonderful job of remembering their lines and making a fine presentation of " Macbeth". 

The shortened version of the play included a few of the kids serving as narrators, reading from a script, which was done very nicely utilizing one corner of the stage as the consistent aside area.

Here Maret give the kids direction and you can see the script posted behind her on the curtains.  Again we must thank the Park and Paul Radzevich for making copies of the script .

The cast all had costumes and used properties. At one point in the performance there was a rousing sword fight which was executed quite well and added a nice dimension to the performance.

I think it must have been The Witches of Macbeth that cause almost all of our photographs to turn out blurry, so I'm only including the ones that are usable.   

(if anyone has good pictures, send them to me so I can post them)

Here is Assistant Director Justine as one of those witches. (it must have been her doing)

The scenes with the witches were very enjoyable as they all gathered around the cauldron to cast their spells on the audience.

I did video tape the performance using S-VHS equipment, but it will take time for me to make that available on the web. (transfer issues abound).

I must apologize for the terrible photo of the casting call, but the camera was apparently not set correctly and I was busy running the video.  None-the-less this proves they were there and had an audience, who I have to say were delighted by the presentation.

Shakespeareans of Tamanend Park
is pleased to be offering a Youth Program 
 for ages 9 through 13 this summer.

Participants will;

  •  meet for two-and-a-half hours on Tues/Wed/Thurs, 
  •  and then perform the Thursday night in 

Scenes and Music from Shakespeare
with a company of actors/musicians.

The Shakespearean Kids and their families
are encouraged to join us 
walking in the Southampton Days Parade 
on July 5th
and to 
join in the fall performances 
in September/October

NOTE: the program has been consolidated 
into one Session

There are two sessions  is ONE SESSION: 
  • Tues/Wed/Thurs – Aug.10-12    (working on Macbeth)
  • Tues/Wed/Thurs – Aug. 17-19  (working on "A Midsummer Night's Dream")
  • Workshops/Rehearsals – 10am to 12:30pm    
  • Performances – Thursdays at 7pm (8/12 and 8/19) 
  • Fee to participate is $75 per session. 
  • Participants may attend one or both sessions.

  • Registration takes place thru the Park Office.  

  • Call 215-355-9781 to register.

From the Director, Maret Genzlinger;

An exciting new program is emerging at Tamanend Park this summer. "Shakespeare for Kids" will take advantage of the attractive Meadow Amphitheater at the park, as the setting for adaptations of Macbeth and A Midsummer Night's Dream.

Young actors and musicians, ages 9 - 13 will meet for two-and-a-half hours on Tues/Wed/Thurs and then perform Thursday evening with a company of (college-aged) actors & musicians. The first week we will work on "Scenes and Music from Macbeth" and the second week "Scenes and Music from A Midsummer Night's Dream" *.

Lining up college students as assistants for this venture has been a pleasure, and they have been pleased with the anticipated two weeks of employment in  August.

Reading the various adaptations of these two Shakespearean plays, available in bookstores, I have been thinking a lot about the issues inherent in the process of "adapting". As director, do I want every sentence spoken to be straight from Shakespeare? Or do I prefer a modern paraphrasing of the concept? Would I like the play to be ten minutes long, or thirty?

Whether or not to add dancing (the witches in Macbeth, and the fairies in Midsummer) will depend on the particular youngsters who sign up, as will the possibility of performing Elizabethan music. Tamanend Park has set a deadline for registration, which will give me time for contacting the participants and finding out their areas of interest; be it a lead role, a musician, dancer, or small acting role.
Performances will be at 7pm on two consecutive Thursdays (Aug 12 and 19), and in case of rain, the performances will be at the Carriage House at Tamanend. The Park Office will be handling registration, and the Director of Parks and Recreation, Paul Radzevich, has been most helpful in making several locations in the park available to us for rehearsals in the event of rain. But here's hoping for good weather, because the Meadow Amphitheater at Tamanend is, by far, the preferred location for this event! 

Maret's email -

or phone 215-947-8491


  • We have an education film about the "Life and times of Shakespeare" which we may include and we may include a film showing of  "A Midsummer's Night Dream"  in the carriage house, at a time when the kids can see it, as an enhancement to this program (if we find a sponsor to assist in the costs of this program).  AG
Sponsorship of Educational Programs 
     This program, as well as others, requires sponsorship to succeed.  The registration fee is kept low enough that it is not a burden on the young families who may participate. Therefore the income from registration is not sufficient to cover the actual costs of the program and additional support from businesses and individuals who care about training young people in this subject is sought. 

   If you care to participate by contributing financially to this developing program, you will receive credit in the Shakespearean Journal and in all other publications that are produced by The Shakespeareans of Tamanend Park for the following year.

  We do anticipate seeking our not-for-profit status in the future but have been able to do so yet. Because of this we can only offer you credit or advertising for your support and not a tax deduction

    Friday, August 13, 2010

    Overview and Schedule

    The Shakespeareans of Tamanend Park
    & The Southampton Free Library
    invite your participation with

    "Cinema Under the Stars"
    a program of
    admission free
    Community Sponsored Films
    presented in

    Tamanend Park's
    The Meadow Amphitheater
    on Selected Saturday Evenings
    from May until September


    a view of the screen set-up

    NOTE: As these screenings take place (approximately) 
    every other week,  

    Films are shown at Dusk  
     (look for the approximated time on the count-down)

    if it rains on the second attempt, 
    it will be rescheduled

    * May 15th- Max Reinhardt's 1935 Version of 
    "A Midsummer's Night Dream"

    * June 12th- Mel Gibson in Franco Zefferelli's Version of  "Hamlet" 
    (as part of the summer long primer to a "Hamlet festival")

    * June 26th- Lon Chaney Jr in the 1941 Version of  
    "The Wolfman"
    (in honor of the full moon on that night)

    * July 3rd- Errol Flynn in 1938's "Robin Hood"
    (as part of the theme for the Southampton Days Parade)

    * July 24th- "Shakespeare in Love"

    * August 7th - Lawerence Olivier's "Hamlet"

    * August  21st - Boris Karloff in "Frankenstein"

    *September 4th -  Kenneth Branagh's "Much Ado About Nothing"

    * September 18th - Howard Keel & Kathryn Grayson in
    "Kiss Me Kate"

    * September 25th -  The full text version of
    Kenneth Branagh's
    "Hamlet" *

    *shown at the Southampton Library
    in lieu of a performance at the stage

    September 26th- Performance Dates begin

     ** Spook-Fest **
    The Meadow Amphitheatre

    * October 16th - Boris Karloff & Lon Chaney Jr in 
    "Frankestein Meets The Wolfman" 

    * October 30th- We are working on getting 
    "Rocky Horror Picture Show"

    Also check out Tamanend Park's 
    Ghost Stories, Haunted Trail, and Campfire
    Friday Night, October 15th

    If you care to help with;
    set-up, makings signs, lighting & watching the trails, 
    helping people find their way to the stage
    putting out flyers or doing concessions 

    Your help would 
    make this program come alive 
    and continue to be there 
    for the community.

    Special thanks to these contributors;

    Image of the Mind Studios
    For Design, Implementation and Investment

     Paul, Shirley, Rick & Ray at
    Tamanend Park & The Southampton Parks & Recreation Department
    For help with publishing materials

    Kim, JL, Jeannie, Kareena & all the staff at
    The Southampton Free Library 
    For providing the projector and films

    the folks at
    The Southampton Public Works
    who help us groom the field just in time

    Lois McDonald at
    Swank Motion Pictures
    who is helping to make these films available 

    First Federal Bank of Bucks County
    for their purchase of advertising

    RC Kletzing Incorporated
    for use of their resources

    Hampton Cleaners
    for their maintenance of our parade costumes 

    and the numerous businesses who are helping to distribute our schedule 

    And a most hearty thanks to these volunteers
    who have extended themselves
    to lend a hand with set-up 
    strike & operation;

    Gian, Lise Sibson & Gary Sheesley, Julia Schmucker, 
    Mike & Cindy Lally, Neil Goldstein

    Your assistance is most appreciated ! 

    Imported postings


    All the postings relative to 
    The Shakespeareans of Tamanend Park 
    have been imported 
    from the 
    The Shakespearean Journal.


    Therefore, those references are being deleted from the Virtual Studio site 
    and will gradually be evaluated for applicability and re-published here. 

    If there is a reference that you can no longer find and need information about, 
    write to me here Arthur Greisiger -

    Saturday, July 10, 2010


    Heart-felt thanks to those of you who walked in the parade with us this year.  I've heard good things about our presence and many people were looking forward to seeing us again.

    This same posting is present on Facebook as a note if you care to comment there.

    I got to thinking about what is happening with The Shakespeareans and I've come to conclude that we need a few principle players involved in order to properly implement these programs.

    Not only for practicality sake, in terms of management, but also because there are funding possibilities that we can avail ourselves of if we have an established group of dedicated people, some of which may sit on the Board of Directors.

    There have been a number of people helping out from time to time, but I think it is now appropriate to fill specific management roles.  The Board of Directors is another issue.

    That being said, I will be looking for the following job titles to be filled.  These will eventually be paid, but they are not yet compensated financially.

    These apply to both the  Shakespearean performance time-slots (currently three)  and the Cinema Under the Stars program.  If you are interested, broach the subject with me.

    * Stage Manager- to oversee set-up & strike and the operations of the stage during performances, including setting the pre-show & post-show atmosphere and controlling the backstage activities  and to participate in some degree in the maintenance and improvement of the stage facility.

    * Technical Director- to implement the directives of the stage facility maintenance and improvement, to construct and maintain the inventory of materials and supplies for the stage, to supervise access to the shop and supplies, to implement the technical requirements of incoming productions and to oversee the operation of the technical requirements of any production as it is presented to the public.

    * House Manager- to oversee set-up & strike and the operations of the front of house during performances.  Set-up includes the lighting on the trails and the signage directing the public to the stage during Cinema Under the Stars and Shakespearean Performance and grooming the field, stage area and trails. (the fields are mowed by the Public Works, but we mow a smaller area again to identify the parameters of the seating area and to groom around the concessions stand)

    * Box Office Manager- to supervise the operations of the concessions stand and assure that all elements are properly implemented, that the published materials are disseminated, that the public is aware of the need for contributions and that packaged foodstuffs are available for purchase.  In the case of a ticketed event- to hand all monies and tickets and to coordinate with security when that is present.

    * Marketing Director- to disseminate the appropriate publicity materials to local businesses and individuals and to market The Shakespearean Journal to potential sponsors, to distribute press releases and to explore other media opportunities for publicity.

    * Program Producers/Directors- programs presented at The Meadow Amphitheatre will each have their own staff and numerous programs may be combined to create one presentation.  Each program is required to have it's own budget and raise it's own production funds.  Some resources are available and provided by the facility. The facility is being developed to have a fixed number of resources available. Any special resources required for a production need to be gathered by that production. Likewise, personnel for each production need to be gathered by the producer of that production.

    Tuesday, July 6, 2010

    The 2010 Shakespearean who walked in the Parade

    I would like to offer a warm and heartfelt thank you to all of you who have worked so hard on both the parade and the performance schedule which took place on the Fifth of July this year.  This was our first attempt to make a presentation in the midst of all the events going on around Southampton Days and our performances at the stage made a nice presentation considering the how much was going on all morning long and the number of details that needed to be tended to.

    We had 10 folks walking in the parade along with a horse and wagon. It became clear that the horse and wagon is a very important part of what we do in the parade, because it gives us an anchor point to work around and it gives us a way for folks to take a rest from walking.

    We had Robin Hood, Little John, Maid Marion, The Sheriff of Nottingham and two of his henchmen, Ladies Elizabeth & Justine, and our wagoneers which included our Queen from last year and one of the bandits from Sherwood forest.

    I want to especially thank Lisa Kuffs for her fantastic costume which was gorgeous and had amazing bead work, all done by her own hand.  If anyone out there wants to have costumes made, you might talk to her about that. She does excellent work.

    I was surprised to find that the general invitation for Renaissance Folk in the area to join us in the parade did not produce results.  As a thespian, I can ask the question "Where else in this area can you have an audience of ten thousand in on day".  I'm sorry more folks did not choose to join us.  We all had a lot of fun.

    We all want to give a special thanks to Bucks County Carriages of Solebury for being willing to come down to be in the parade, even though our fund raising for the parade got off to a slow start this year.

    I would also like to thank Southampton residents Mike & Cindy Lally for their excellent work on painting the drops for this years presentation. They look marvelous and added a great dimension to the stage. The feeling back stage was so much more energetic because the drops made the stage feel more professional.

    I can't forget to mention anther couple of Southampton residents Gary & Lise (our Lady Elizabeth) for their hard work in helping to prepare the stage for both the "Cinema Under the Stars " and the afternoon performances on the fifth. I'm sorry I forgot to entice Lise onto the stage to do some reading in Spontaneous Shakespeare. (a program that needs to be managed differently to make it more effective)

    It is very important that we have residents of Southampton  helping us to set-up and operate these programs, not the least of which is because I do not want to burn people out with seeing me doing all the introductions onstage.  I tend to forget important details and ramble on (as evidenced by the video tape of the performance.  On that vein please refer to the Performance Review posting.

    Thanks again to all of you who have participated, in costume, backstage and our sponsors who have helped us greatly with the burden of expense... and also to the folks who came to the performance and  contributed generously to show their appreciation.  AG

    Wednesday, June 30, 2010

    Costumes for the parade and performances

     We have a limited number of costumes which are now in stock at the Park.

    You can select a costume on Saturday or Sunday afternoon.

    They have been provided by Cargill Custom Costumes of Pipersville.

    Although, we do not have a costumer, so I selected what I could find that might work. So no promises there.

    We have a few head-pieces, some robes capes, dresses, shirts, knickers.  No socks or shoes.  No belts or sashes. No props.

    Anyone needing a costume might find something here.

    Obviously it's first come first served.

    There will be rental cost involved and if you picked your own full costume that fee would be $35 this year.

    If you use pieces then make an appropriate contribution, so I don't have to pay it myself. AG

      Parade Flyer

      Here's a copy of the flyer we are handing out at the parade.

      There is still room on the back for Sponsors Names.
      The cost is $150 per line.

      and you can use PayPal to purchase your line of credit.

      Feel free to print this out and hand it around if you are participating
      either as a sponsor or a performer.

      Monday, June 28, 2010

      Press Releases for the July 5th Festivities

      • Cinema Under the Stars at Tamanend Park's Meadow Amphithetare:  This Saturday July 3rd  The Shakespeareans of Tamanend Park will be presenting the  1938 film production of "Robin Hood" starring Errol Flynn. This in in preparation of the Southampton Days Parade where the theme will be Robin Hood. 
      • The Shakespeareans of Tamanend Park invite all Renaissance Folk who would like to join them walking in the Southampton Day Parade to don their costumes and gather at Image of the Mind Studios parking lot at 1325 Industrial Highway, Southampton at 8:30 am  on July 5th.  The parade is a two mile route ending at Tamanend Park where the Shakespeareans will be having performances at The Meadow Amphitheatre and a barbecue hosted by Fat Jacks of Southampton.  Included in the performances is a World Premier presentation of a Act I Scene I from a new musical/opera titled "Midsummer",  Also enjoy fencing demonstrations and "Spontaneous Shakespeare": where anyone wishing to try their hand at Shakespeare are invited to participate in script-in-hand readings.  Bring a blanket or chair, the events are free, the food is not. Donations would be most appreciated.  Information online at-

      Bucks County composer reawakens the music of Shakespeare's classic comedy.

      • Shakespearean scholars agree that A Midsummer Night's Dream was originally a musical, where fairies danced their rounds and sang their Queen to sleep, and Oberon, King of the Fairies, intoned blessings on Theseus' palace. But, like so many works, including the first Gilbert and Sullivan operetta, while the words have been immortalized, the music is lost forever.
      • Now, local composer, Michael Dutka breathes musical life back into Shakespeare's glorious fantasy. And on July 5th, 2010, at 3PM, The Shakespeareans of Tamanend Park will present the first scene of Midsummer in the park's open-air theater, The Meadow Amphitheatre.
      • A treat for Shakespeare-lovers, music-lovers, and children of all ages. Admission free.

      Parade Sponsorship

      Read on for details regarding your sponsorship of our presence in 
      The Southampton Days Parade
      the events following the parade 
      The Meadow Amphitheatre 


      Our Most Appreciative Thanks 
      to the sponsors of our appearance in the 

      Because of their assistance 
      in making a nice presentation...

      ...we were awarded 
      * First Place *
      in the 
      Neighborhood Division

      Please patronize these businesses 
      as a way to say thank you 
      for caring about your community

      Image of the Mind Studios
      Theatrical Production

      R.C.Kletzing Inc- CNC Machining Services

      1325 Industrial Highway, Southampton

      Cargill Theatrical Enterprises


      Johnny Appleseed at The Orchard Artworks

      A Sponsorship Program Book 
      The Shakespearean Journal
       is being published and advertising space is available 

      Anyone who would care to be a sponsor of our programs please contact me at


      Regarding Sponsorship of the parade; 

       Here's the wagon/carriage we are considering 
      bringing into the parade this year.
      We can only do this with the assistance of our sponsors.

      So if you care to join us in making a fun time 
      for the folks in and at the parade
      then please become a sponsor.
      We are also looking at horse and riders as well.

      Remember the theme is 
      "Robin Hood"  
      you are welcome to join us in walking the parade route.

      • 2009 was the first year that we approached doing the parade with the assistance of individuals and business sponsorship. The results of which proved that many people are appreciative of what we are working to achieve.

      • So it is that- the ongoing method of funding the activities of the parade will be to offer participation to our sponsors by promoting their contribution in the flyer that is handed out during the parade and for the upcoming year in all our subsequent publications, including the hard copy of "The Shakespearean Journal" which is handed out at performances and to interested parties during the year.  

      • Contributors will also be promoted by posting a word of thanks here in the on-line version of "The Shakespearean Journal" with links to their own web pages.  

      • The online edition of the Journal, which you are looking at now, will also include an archive section where past activities will remain available for review. Thus the posting for any given year and it's links will also remain until such time as it is necessary to purge the information.

      • Sponsorship of the parade takes the form of purchasing a line of credit on the flyer which is handed out at the parade by the costumed performers and others who have joined us in walking in the parade.

      • The flyers are also handed out year round in our other promotional efforts

      • Currently there are 18 spaces available on the flyer. 

      • in 2009 the cost per line was $100 and this has proven to be insufficient to cover the cost of the parade.  So in 2010 the cost per line will be $150.

      • If more than one line is purchased the first line is highlighted in bold.

      • The first year we handed out 5,000 flyers, but there were no sponsors. In 2009 we handed out somewhere between 3,500 and 4,00 flyers and the reduction was mainly due to the fact that the parade moved along faster and the participants did more performing along the route, in part because of the advanced theatricality of the presentation.

      • Look for a reproduction of the last year's and this years flyers to appear here in the near future.

      • If you care to purchase a line of credit in the upcoming flyer you can make your check, or money order,  out to Arthur Greisiger (Artistic Director of the Shakespeareans of Tamanend Park) 

      • Mail your check to "The Shakespeareans of Tamanend Park c/o Tamanend Park 1255 Second Street Pike, Southampton, PA 18966

      • You can also pay for your ad using PayPal  or contribute any amount to help the programing and the stage facilities in Tamanend Park be maintained and grow.

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