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Be sure to bring insect repellent, although we do use citronella to cut back on mosquitoes, you will need to protect yourself.

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In the Event of Rain;

Live Performances at the stage are canceled if the sky is not clear and the ground dry by 1:00 p.m. with no forecast of rain for the remainder of the day.

For Cinema Under the Stars the ground must be dry by 5:00 p.m. and no forecast for rain that evening.

Unless otherwise specified there is no rain date.

Saturday, July 10, 2010


Heart-felt thanks to those of you who walked in the parade with us this year.  I've heard good things about our presence and many people were looking forward to seeing us again.

This same posting is present on Facebook as a note if you care to comment there.

I got to thinking about what is happening with The Shakespeareans and I've come to conclude that we need a few principle players involved in order to properly implement these programs.

Not only for practicality sake, in terms of management, but also because there are funding possibilities that we can avail ourselves of if we have an established group of dedicated people, some of which may sit on the Board of Directors.

There have been a number of people helping out from time to time, but I think it is now appropriate to fill specific management roles.  The Board of Directors is another issue.

That being said, I will be looking for the following job titles to be filled.  These will eventually be paid, but they are not yet compensated financially.

These apply to both the  Shakespearean performance time-slots (currently three)  and the Cinema Under the Stars program.  If you are interested, broach the subject with me.

* Stage Manager- to oversee set-up & strike and the operations of the stage during performances, including setting the pre-show & post-show atmosphere and controlling the backstage activities  and to participate in some degree in the maintenance and improvement of the stage facility.

* Technical Director- to implement the directives of the stage facility maintenance and improvement, to construct and maintain the inventory of materials and supplies for the stage, to supervise access to the shop and supplies, to implement the technical requirements of incoming productions and to oversee the operation of the technical requirements of any production as it is presented to the public.

* House Manager- to oversee set-up & strike and the operations of the front of house during performances.  Set-up includes the lighting on the trails and the signage directing the public to the stage during Cinema Under the Stars and Shakespearean Performance and grooming the field, stage area and trails. (the fields are mowed by the Public Works, but we mow a smaller area again to identify the parameters of the seating area and to groom around the concessions stand)

* Box Office Manager- to supervise the operations of the concessions stand and assure that all elements are properly implemented, that the published materials are disseminated, that the public is aware of the need for contributions and that packaged foodstuffs are available for purchase.  In the case of a ticketed event- to hand all monies and tickets and to coordinate with security when that is present.

* Marketing Director- to disseminate the appropriate publicity materials to local businesses and individuals and to market The Shakespearean Journal to potential sponsors, to distribute press releases and to explore other media opportunities for publicity.

* Program Producers/Directors- programs presented at The Meadow Amphitheatre will each have their own staff and numerous programs may be combined to create one presentation.  Each program is required to have it's own budget and raise it's own production funds.  Some resources are available and provided by the facility. The facility is being developed to have a fixed number of resources available. Any special resources required for a production need to be gathered by that production. Likewise, personnel for each production need to be gathered by the producer of that production.

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